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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a quality control strategy that aims to reduce or eliminate errors in goods and business services. Six Sigma strategies and approaches were developed to improve production procedures, but they are now deemed industry-agnostic, suggesting they have been successfully applied in a variety of industries, including aeronautics, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, retail, among others.

Improved client service, shorter turnaround times, increased regulatory enforcement, and industry planning standardization are all benefits of implementing Six Sigma systems. The Six Sigma rigors, on the other hand, help to render processes simpler to handle, but it may take months or years to have the people on board, researching the systems closely and diligently to understand those advantages and merits.

LSS Mississippi -West Point MS

Lean Six Sigma Certification in West Point, Mississippi

Six Sigma certification standards are similar (but not identical) across certification bodies, but the following are universal across programs:

  • Yellow Belts: Yellow Belts are part of the project team that assists with the development of the project.
  • Green Belts: Green Belts are part-time project leaders who help with data analysis and project improvement daily.
  • Black Belts: They conduct tasks (typically full-time) and teach, coach, and/or supervise team members daily.
  • Master Black Belts: Master Black Belts are responsible for developing policies and project measurements, serving as a company’s go-to Sigma expert, as well as mentoring and training Green and Black Belts.

Six Sigma certifications, unlike other IT certifications, do not form a certification ladder. That is, obtaining a Yellow Belt does not necessitate obtaining a Green Belt, and obtaining a Green Belt does not necessitate obtaining a Black Belt, and so on.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Do you want to expand your industry knowledge or start a new career as a quality expert? In all sectors, Six Sigma is a data-driven tool for reducing errors and improving processes. Earning your Six Sigma Green Belt certification will help you keep ahead of the game no matter where you are in your career. Our Lean Six Sigma training course will teach you process control from beginning to end and will ready you for the American Society for Quality’s (ASQ) Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Employees that dedicate the most of their resources to process control teams are known as Six Sigma Green Belts. They evaluate and address quality issues, as well as take part in quality control procedures. Individuals who want to improve efficiency, cost reductions, revenue, and consumer loyalty should participate in intensive Six Sigma courses.

LSS Mississippi-What is Lean Six Sigma

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We teach the basics of the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge, as well as how to implement core process management methods and principles in a variety of contexts, including production, service, and non-profit organizations, in our course at Lean Six Sigma Experts in West Point, Mississippi. It helps you bring the system to the test by allowing you to incorporate it into quizzes, interactive experiences, sport, and case studies. Students can learn how to assess quality issues and engage in real-world continuous monitoring programs in this groundbreaking course concept. It’s one of the most effective online courses for preparing for the Six Sigma certification test. The course fee includes the cost of the Authorized Six Sigma Green Belt certification test.

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