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Lean Six Sigma is a globally accepted methodology for making viable and demonstrable changes to systems and sectors. It recommends a DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) system for companies to continually produce tangible outcomes while maintaining quality management.

The first and only step is to concentrate on the most important requirements of clients and integrate them into systems. There’s nothing more to add, and there’s nothing less to say. Prices are decreased, customer loyalty is increased, and lead times are reduced with this strategy. The positive thing about this strategy is that it capitalizes on people’s prior expertise and familiarity with their own systems.

LSS Mississippi locations

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Mississippi, we use the Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve both process and efficiency. The aim of Lean is to improve flow and value formation. Six Sigma strives for systems that are both reliable and effective. They are completely complementary and reinforce each other when used together.

What are the advantages of Six Sigma for Mississippi businesses?

The below are the advantages of Six Sigma for companies:

  • Profitability is higher, and wastage is reduced
  • The customer’s focus is improved
  • It leads to long-term progress
  • Establishes strategy and goals
  • Encourages lifelong learning and development

According to a study, all production and distribution companies pay a penalty for poor performance. It could contribute to up to half of a service organization’s expenses in certain situations. The findings show that “productive work” takes up less than 10% of the process’ cycle time. Waste, rework, and other non-value-added functions make up the rest.

In Lean Six Sigma, What Are The Different Roles?

It is a daunting challenge to optimize a system. A real and long-term transition will be achieved if the right people with the requisite Lean Six Sigma expertise are in the correct positions. Karate has established the word “Belts” or “bands”, inspired by the Dutch language. The various skill levels are stated below. The following are the most important roles of Lean Six Sigma:

  • Yellow Belt: Has a thorough knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Green and Black Belts are responsible for resolving procedural issues. They participate in project teams that have “just-in-time” training.
  • Green Belt: Develop and maintain Lean Six Sigma programs as a Green Belt. Has some Lean Six Sigma experience, although not quite as many as Black Belts. JIT (just-in-time) instruction is provided to others.
  • Black Belt: Under the supervision of a Master Black Belt; has a lot of Lean Six Sigma training. For project teams, he serves as a mentor, consultant, trainer, and project manager.
  • Master Black Belt: A Master Black Belt is someone who has maximum skill at identifying problems. The Master Black Belt’s function is to collaborate with leaders in order to recognize issues and implement (improvement) measures. On an individual level, coaches and teaches serves as a counselor and guides events. They’re in charge of implementing Lean Six Sigma and transforming a company’s culture.
LSS Mississippi-Lean Six Sigma Training

In Mississippi, how can you successfully involve top management?

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Mississippi, we will have an executive launch session to involve senior management early in the deployment preparation process. The CEO or COO, in collaboration with the app rollout planner, will organize these sessions, which will provide presentations and main collaborators. A traditional executive launch may raise awareness about how Lean and Six Sigma will help the CEO accomplish his or her goals and inspire senior team members to engage in Lean Six Sigma’s potential. It would also enable the senior management team to internalize the deployment plan, make key operational and managerial decisions, and schedule key operational and managerial roles and activities.

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